• Cadet INOVA” is an event promoted by theMG Nicolae USCOICorps of Cadets, Sibiu and The “Nicolae Bălcescu” Land Forces Academy of Sibiu under the High Patronage of The Romanian Inventors Forum, Iaşi in order to support innovation and scientific research at national and international level in the vision of young researchers (students, Master’s Degree students, PhD candidates, PhD degree holders and researchers not older than 35);
  • The “Cadet INOVA” event has been conceived as an opportunity for the young researchers to present the results of their innovations and research as prototypes, maquettes, computerized presentation of techniques and procedures accompanied by posters and to achieve scientific partnerships in order to identify technological, industrial and research niches;
  • By the organization and the carrying out of the event, we aim at facilitating the knowledge and the promoting of student scientific achievements both in the military field and in the civilian one, of aspects corroborated with the development and diversification of technologies and of socio-economic applications of research in different implementation environments;
  • We also aim at increasing the degree of awareness at the level of society of the importance and of the contribution brought by young researches to technological development and added value;
  • Registration of the participants and the presentation of the results of the research within the Exhibition, depending on the capacity of the exposure location, are logistically and financially supported by the organizing institution with the help of the partners and sponsors of the manifestation. Indirect participation is not permitted;
    The Exhibition takes place in Sibiu, in the AUDITORIUM of the "Nicolae Bălcescu" Land Forces Academy, Revoluţiei street, no. 3-5.

Rules and Awards of the International Student Innovation and Scientific Research Exhibition - “Cadet INOVA’19” -  DOWNLOAD

"Originally the word - cadet - meant the young man (the son of a nobleman or of an officer) who prepared for a military career. Cadet INOVA proposes an encounter with nobility too: a nobility of the spirit of those who "burn" in the realm of scientific creation, who have chosen this path not for financial comfort or public recognition, but because they know that this is their purpose in the world and because they feel that in this way they can serve not only their homeland, but the whole humankind. Cadet INOVA is rooted in serious, constant and lasting preoccupation for scientific research, in the lessons offered by those who have raised the scientific bar to the level of performance, in the need to provide support, recognition and legitimacy to the notable achievements of young thinkers. It represents the mouth piece of bright minds polished in years of study, which went from potential to performance and which are able to certify that quality and professionalism will always make a difference." (Inventor dr. ing. dipl. Silviu Mihai Petrişor, President of the Cadet INOVA Exhibition)

"Cadet INOVA 2017, a trademark of OSIM Bucharest, number M 143894, brings into focus - within the In memoriam section - an emblematic figure of the universal scientific patrimony, who set her existential coordinates around the verbs to give and to give herself to others: Ana ASLAN. She created and implemented, at national level, the concept of ""prevention of aging"; she founded and led the first Institute of Geriatrics in the world, in Otopeni and her famous name is engraved on the mausoleum of the father of medicine, Hippocrates, in Larissa, Thessaly (Greece)." (Inventor dr. ing. dipl. Silviu Mihai Petrişor, President of the Cadet INOVA Exhibition)

"To be forever young does not mean to be 20, it means to be optimistic, to feel good, to have an ideal in life to fight for in order to achieve it." (Gerontologist Inventor Acad. Prof. Ana ASLAN, MD, PhD)