Young researchers (students, Master’s Degree students, PhD candidates, PhD degree holders and researchers not older than 35) are invited to exhibit and present their contributions, scientific innovations and applied research for the following courses of study:

  1. Environment and pollution control. Green energy, ecology, environmental monitoring and protection;
  2. Energy and non-conventional energy sources;
  3. Security, protection, rescue - antiterrorism, disasters and accidents;
  4. Land, sea and air transportation;
  5. Chemistry;
  6. Metallurgy and science of materials;
  7. Aeronautics and safety of air navigation;
  8. Automobiles and road safety;
  9. Mechanics. Machine parts. Mechanisms. Materials;
  10. Electrotechnics, electronics and energetics;
  11. Radio communications;
  12. Robotics, roboethics;
  13. Photo-audio-video technologies;
  14. Information technology and computer science;
  15. Graphic arts and architecture;
  16. Medicine and human factors. Pharmacy and cosmetics;
  17. Food bio-security;
  18. Biology, agronomy and horticulture;
  19. Sport, leisure, culture, teaching methods.