In order to participate in the “Cadet INOVA" Exhibition, the participants (students, Master’s Degree students, PhD candidates, PhD degree holders and researchers not older than 35) will have to download from the website of the event The Cadet INOVA’23 Registration Form / Scientific Article Template doc., which will be filled out according to the instructions in the model and The Cadet INOVA’23 Guidelines for the Making Video Material. doc., a document meant to help with the making of the material video for the presentation of the scientific contribution. The organizing committee, through the appointed secretaries of the exhibition will inform the participant about the receipt and the validation of the research to be presented at the event and will give details on organizational aspects (schedule, information provided by the international jury regarding the description of the research in the filed form, the rejection/acceptance of the contribution for the exhibition, the awarding of medals, diplomas and cups within the awards ceremony, other activities associated to the exhibition). The first form will be sent by the specified date to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • The Cadet INOVA’23 Registration Form. / Scientific Article Template docDOWNLOAD
  • The Cadet INOVA’23 Guidelines for the Making Video Material pdf. DOWNLOAD 



  • Receipt of the scientific article related to innovation & scientific research & invention: 16.01.2023 – 10.03.2023
  • Transmission to the authors of the decision of the scientific committee regarding the evaluation of the article (acceptance/modification/rejection): 10 days from the storage date
  • Transmission by the authors of the final form of the scientific article: 5 days from the transmission of the evaluation
  • Transmission of the final decision of the scientific committee to the authors: 5 days from the retransmission of the article
  • Transmission of the video recording of the presentation of innovation & scientific research & invention: 03.04.2023 – 07.04.2023
  • Final judging: 24.04.2023 – 05.05.2023